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Master Frasers Utlimate Goal Of The Martial Arts...

An old man goes to a local school and meets with the principal, tells the principal he can guarantee to improve all his students grades by making one major change to the schools's curriculum. The principal doubts the old man but says he will give him a chance to prove his theory. The old man deletes the entire gym class from the schools's curriculum and replaces the two hour time slot with beginner Taekwon-Do classes. 

The old man happens to be a master of Taekwon-Do and he taught all the beginner students the form "Chon Ji ", self defense skills, non contact sparing, board breaking and Qi-Gong. This went on for one school year and at the end, all the students took a scholastic aptitude test and compared it to last year's test. The results indeed proved that the old man was right and the school officials was amazed . 

The entire school board ended up voting to try it again for another school year, the rest is history......

Never underestimate an old man with many years of martial arts experience called a Master. 

Please help me promote this idea at every school your children attend.

5th Degree Master in T.K.D.

9th Degree Grand Master in


The Only Certified DIM-MAK Instructor in All of the USA

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